Floret Ranunculus Marshmallow and Other Sweet Surprises…

One of my main focuses in plant the garden last fall was to try to bring some diversity to the garden. In this, I ordered several lovely varieties of ranunculus from Floret. Today, we’ll take a closer look at one of my favorites called ‘Marshmallow’. 

While I’m not so sure that it resembles a marshmallow, there’s no denying that the blooms are absolutely dreamy. These are hands down some of the largest ranunculus flowers that I’ve ever been able to grow.

The color ranges a little bit, but I really like the soft pastel pink tones. There’s absolutely no doubt that I would love to grow these flowers again.

The Firament Forget Me Nots have also started to bloom. Though planted way back in the fall, the plants are still really short. I’ve seen photos of others online which were taller, so I honestly have no idea what I could possibly be doing wrong. Any suggestions?

Remember the freesia plants that I tried to over winter? If you recall, I was absolutely certain that they were dead. As it would turn out, those bulbs produced new foliage once spring arrived. I now have freesia blooming in the yard! Also, check out that ladybug larvae. At least, I think that’s what it is!

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