Le Petite Fleur: Little Jam Jars Full of Flowers

With so many larger flowers in the garden, it’s sometimes easy to forget the little ones. Pansies are one of my absolute favorite spring flowers. Often among the first things to bloom, I even had pansies opening in January this year. Last fall, I ordered the ‘Victorian Posy’ pansy mix from Renee’s Garden. Though the photo below only shows this really pretty light blue and yellow combination; the mix actually contains about five different color combinations. 

One of the main reasons that I love Victorian Posy pansies so much is because of their ruffled edges. When I say ruffled, I mean SERIOUSLY ruffled. Some of the flower heads are even hard to see because of the beautiful folds of the petals.

Sometimes, the tulips simply don’t do well. The reasons vary, but there’s no sense in throwing away the flowers that are otherwise too small. This was the case for these really soft yellow tulips. For whatever reason, the blooms we barely bigger than the size of a golf ball. The good news? They blended perfectly with the yellow centers of the pansies!

After adding a couple sprigs of mint, I’d managed to create a super cute jam jar posy. So happy!

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