In a Vase: Copper Image Double Tulips

Keeping in line with our month filled with tulips, today is no exception. One of the main reasons that I made an order from Dutch Grown bulbs last year was because of their ‘Peony Party’ collection. This mix contained a combination of ‘Copper Image’ tulips and ‘Amazing Grace’ tulips. Today, we’ll be making a small arrangement with some of these lovely creme colored Copper Image.

Having never grown this type of tulip, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Though the tulip definitely photographs well, I can’t help but feel like it leaves a little to be desired in person. It is, in fact, a very soft copper color. I imagine that this tulip would blend really well with a plethora of other colors. In fact, I’m really excited to combine it with the La Belle Epoque that will be blooming soon.

The La Belle Salmon ranunculus have also started to bloom. It looks like the stems on the first couple flowers are really short. Since this arrangement was for myself, I wasn’t too worried about going ahead and picking them anyway. These salmon ranunculus were also a surprise. I really did think they would have been a lot lighter in color.

To add some greenery, I picked a couple sprigs of mint. I also wanted to experiment with something new – so I picked some flowers from the collard greens that have bolted. The yellow blooms are super delicate, but ended up lasting about three days in the vase. I was very surprised by that!

2 thoughts on “In a Vase: Copper Image Double Tulips

  1. So pretty, and I love that you used bolted plants as accents. What do you normally do with all of the gorgeous bouquets you assemble? I thought you might have a flower stand or something.

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