The Magic of Dark Ranunculus Blooms

When I planned the garden last year, I knew that I wanted to grow as many ranunculus as possible. This also meant that I wanted to include as many colors as possible. Shades of dark red and dark violet were certainly no exception. Let’s take a closer look at some of the darkest colors in the garden. 

I was really excited to grow bright red ranunculus in time for the Kentucky Derby. At this point, who knows if they’ll even have the Kentucky Derby this year. Regardless, these beautiful blooms showed up right on time. This batch of red ranunculus was purchased in a mixed collection from tulip world. Though the flowers look nice, the actual plants and stems were much shorter than I had expected.

Next, Floret Light Violet Ranunclus. I ordered light violet from Floret, mainly because I knew that the darkest colors weren’t exactly my favorite.This light violet version is definitely lighter than some of the other dark purples. The color definitely changes appearance depending upon the light.

A closer comparison of the three darkest colors in the spring garden this year. Red, Light Violet, and Violet.

These violet ranunculus came from Longfield Garden. As you can see, they’re much darker thanthe others. Additionally, they have a habit of being a little bit “less double” than some of the others. Either way, they’re so lovely.

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