‘Amazing Grace’ Double Tulips AND ‘Copper Image’ Double Tulips? DREAMY!

It’s that time again! It’s time to take a closer look at one of the varieties of tulip that are blooming this year. This time we’re technically taking a look at a “collection”. I ordered this ‘Peony Party Collection’ from Dutch Grown last year. They definitely did not disappoint!

The collection consisted of two types of double late flowering tulips. Above you see Copper Image double tulips. They’re this really creamy salmon-peach color. In person, the colors are a little more muted than in photos. I imagine that these tulips would look absolutely breathtaking with the likes of salmon colored ranunculus.

While the Copper Image are nice, the Amazing Grace double tulips really took my breath away. Seriously, they’ve managed to move their wait into my top 5 favorite varieties. The pink color is definitely the multidimensional hue that I’ve been looking for!

In the Copper Image, you can also see subtle hints of yellowish orange, as well as green on the outer petals. I also really like that the centers of the flowers are dark. You know, the part that produces the pollen. What’s that called? The stamen? The anther? I feel like I should probably know what that’s called by now.

Ah! Amazing Grace tulips are so pretty, they make me want to start singing the song! I love this picture to show the true color of the bloom. Though the flower is a light pastel pink, you can definitely see the peachy undertones. I’ll definitely be growing these two again!

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