Floret Purple Picotee Ranunculus in Bloom

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been absolutely swimming in ranunculus blooms. Last fall, when I made an order from Floret; I wanted to be certain that I ordered several colors of ranunculus. Of all the corms, I was most hesitant about the purple picotee.

I had purchased picotee ranunculus corms elsewhere before with very little success. In fact, I’ve never actually had the plants do well until this year. As it would turn out, these Floret ranunculus corms would not disappoint. They quickly became one of my absolute favorites.

One thought on “Floret Purple Picotee Ranunculus in Bloom

  1. I had never heard of Floret until reading your posts. We’re moving soon, and I will be purchasing bulbs to get in the ground this fall. Definitely checking these out!

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