Whoa, Pink! Marshmallow Collection Double Tulips

I love tulip collections, or mix packs. With a small backyard, variety packs are a great way to get the most for my money. The ‘Marshmallow Collection’ from Dutch Grown is certainly no exception to this. This blend of tulip bulbs has far exceeded my expectations.

This collection is a mixture of pink flowers. I’m not sure what variety is pictured above but the pink is my absolute favorite. When they first open they’re a beautiful blend of peach and pink. Over time, the peach color turns more white.

I’m fairly certain that this white and pink flower is a Belica tulip. I’ve grown Belica before, and definitely enjoy them.

The mix also included some Angelique tulips and Mount Tacoma tulips which I’m sure you’ve already seed in my previous posts. I can’t wait to grow this mixture again! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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