Spring Calendula and Ranunculus Flower Arrangement

One of my favorite things about growing so many different types of cut flowers is trying different combinations in vases. Since we haven’t been able to donate any flowers this year, I’ve had a lot of choices in terms of arrangement flowers for myself and for my family. Let’s take a quick look at yet another arrangement from the garden. 

These ‘Zeolights’ calendula were overwintered this year in the hoophouse. As a result, I have been rewarded with huge blooms from the plants. It seems that overwintering calendula here in my Kentucky garden can be really tricky. This is the first time I have been successfully able to do so. I can only imagine that our very mild winter this year was to credit.

In this arrangement, I really wanted to focus on subtle peach tones. For this reason, I picked some of the Floret Lemon Pastel ranunculus. These shades of these ranunculus flowers are absolutely enchanting.

Our late blooming ‘Minnow’ daffodils added the perfect amount of height, texture, and lightness to this vase. I’m consistently surprised by how incredibly versatile that these flowers are. In the future, I would so love to plant more varieties of late daffodils.

This arrangement turned out to be so visually please. I just love the combination of textures, thanks to the calendula. In the future, I’m hoping to clean out this storage corner of my yard so that I can finally learn to take better pictures. I’m so sorry about the mess!

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