Bright Yellow Tulip Jar Posies

Until this very moment, I hadn’t really thought about it – but very few flower arrangements that I’ve seen online are yellow. I wonder why it is that some things simply fall out of style. The more I learn and begin to play with arranging flowers, the more I realize that almost any color can be used to create something really lovely. The bright yellow in this post is certainly no exception.

The base of this arrangement started with bright yellow single tulips and these really creamy pale colored tulips. Like so many of my single tulips, the blooms and stems were much shorter than what I needed. Luckily, they fit perfectly in small jam jar posies. After adding them, I grabbed some mulberry branches. As you can see, they’re already starting to set fruit. Soon, I’ll be picking them by the bucket.

To finish off the creation of this little cutie, I added some pale yellow ranunculus. I really lucked out on this ranunculus order. The package was simply marked “yellow”. From experience, this could mean anything. The first time I ordered “yellow” ranunculus, I ended up with obnoxiously bright butter-colored blooms. I really like these more gentle, pale colors.

That’s it. It’s small and simple. Sure, it’s not a huge centerpiece – but I really like it nonetheless.

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