Mid-May Cut Flower Garden Update and Progress

As you can see, I am still very behind in planting. Here are trays of dahlias, petunia seedlings, rudbeckia seedlings, gomphrena seedlings, and chrysanthemums.
Last April, I planted several foxglove seedlings in the garden. They are not sending up tall flower stalks and preparing to bloom. I really hope that the thunderstorms do not blow them over.
These Floret pastel statice seedlings were started from a winter sowing in February. They have now been planted. I love their foliage – it’s so cute looking!
Despite the weeds, the Madame Butterfly snapdragon seedlings are doing well.
The hardy annual agrostemma have also started to bloom.
Tricolor salvia in the cut flower patch
Freesia buds on the bulbs that we planted in the hoop house last winter.
The ‘Titanic’ gladiolus have started to push through the soil.
My huge planting of pink asiatic lilies.

One thought on “Mid-May Cut Flower Garden Update and Progress

  1. I love seeing the flowers wake up in the spring! I spent some time today gathering seeds from muscari. We are moving soon, and those seeds will help us get started on flowers in our new place…even if they don’t grow for two or three years, they are free flowers!

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