La Belle Epoque Tulip and Olivia Tulip Flower Arrangement

A few posts ago, I was debating whether or not the Brownie tulips were actually the variety Brownie. Now that the Olivia tulips have started to bloom, I’m now certain of everyone’s purported identity. In this flower arrangement, we’ll be using La Belle Epoque (peach) and the Olivia (orange). As it would turn out, the combination of these two colors yields a color palette that is absolutely dreamy.

Here are the two tones of color tulips together. I’m usually no fan of orange tulips, but these peachy tones really do a lovely job of bringing down the vibrancy just a little bit.

As we continue, I decided to add some ranunculus. The lightest ranunculus is Elegance Salmon, and the other more orange tones are from Floret’s Champagne mix. You’ll remember that I bought a lot of ranunculus last fall. They’re just starting to come into bloom now, the second week of April. Though I know that this post is schedule to be posted much later.

To finish the arrangement, I added some more of my bolted collard stems. The stems aren’t the best choice for greenery, but they work for my own personal arrangements. Over a few days time, the blooms generally fall off and make a huge mess on the table.

One thought on “La Belle Epoque Tulip and Olivia Tulip Flower Arrangement

  1. So ethereal and dreamy. The epoque tulip looks like it belongs in a still life!
    Do you have to lift the ranunculus in the fall?

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