Where’s the Foliage? Well, I Didn’t Plant Any…

In true to myself fashion, I’m once again arranging flowers while wishing I had taken the time to establish more perennial plantings. Here we are, beginning to harvest the last of the tulips for cut flowers, and there isn’t greenery to be found anywhere in the flower patch. Oh well. 

The tulips in the arrangement are from the ‘Victoria’s Secret’ mix that I bought from Eden Brothers. Only 6 of 10 bulbs bloomed, and it wasn’t exactly a mix. As you can see, most of my flowers are this lighter purple color – with only one being the dark purple/red/black color.

I decided to mix them with these mysterious white tulips that started blooming very late in the season. I don’t think that they’re Mount Tacoma tulips, because they do have a noticeable pink tint on the outer petals. For now, it’ll have to be a mystery.

The ranunculus were the true inspiration for this arrangement. They look absolutely enchanting. Of all the ranunculus, I wasn’t really looking forward to these ‘White Picotee’ from Floret. Now that they’re here, I’m so glad to have ordered them.

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