Cut Flower Bloom Update – Mid May Garden

Recent excessive rains have made the garden a total mess. The mud, I can’t even describe how muddy it is! I have roughly 100 dahlias patiently waiting to be planted. Alas, that doesn’t mean that many flowers haven’t already started to bloom. Let’s take a closer look at the flowers, shall we?

The firmament forget me nots are getting taller and taller. The more that I allow the flowers to bloom, the more usable cut flower stems I am able to harvest for vases. I’m absolutely head over heels for these true blue beauties.

The first snapdragons of the season have also opened. These are the madame butterfly snapdragons. So far, I’m not sure if I like them as much as the chantilly types. Who knows though, I’m sure they’ll “grow” on me. I also think it’s funny how their stamens (?) stick out before they fully bloom. They kind of look like they have these weird crooked teeth poking out.

I can’t ignore the sarah bernhardt peony blooms. This one has been weighed down by the rain, but it’s so big and fluffy!

The delft blue nigella have just started to open, though this one is mostly white.

I lost most of my sweet peas over the winter to mold in the hoophouse. However, a couple plants did make it through. I plan to let these produce seed. I’ll save the seed, as they obviously were able to demonstrate a tolerance to the humid hoophouse conditions.

Last, but certainly not least, are the foxgloves. These dalmatian foxgloves were planted last April. They then overwintered and resumed growth this season. This is my first ever success in growing foxgloves, and I’m so pleased! Don’t forget though, they’ve very toxic!

2 thoughts on “Cut Flower Bloom Update – Mid May Garden

  1. I love the nigella…new to me. And the poppies and daisies shot.. I can see why the forget me nots were named as such. So small that they’d be easy to overlook. Just gorgeous seen up close.

  2. Just beautiful! I’ve never tried to grow foxgloves. They sure are pretty. Mostly I try to stick with plants that my kids and pets are safe with.

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