Growing Floret Ranunculus in the Little Cut Flower Garden

I’ve been growing ranunculus for years. In fact, it was one of the very first flowers that I wanted to grow after seeing pictures of the flowers in a seed catalog online. We’ve really come a long way in terms of corm availability since then. Last fall, I made a purchase from Floret of some really lovely ranunculus corms. Now that they’re in bloom, I couldn’t wait to share the results!

Of all the ranunculus that I ordered, I think the Floret Marshmallow ranunculus are my absolute favorite. Seriously, it is such a soft and delicate pastel pink. Whenever I try to take photos of it, it seems as if it almost glows! I’ll definitely be ordering this one again next year!

I also planted the Floret Rose ranunculus. Much to my surprise, these blooms are an extremely bright pink. They seem to vary in tone a little bit. Some of the flowers are much lighter, like the ones above. However, others have a little more of a deep color. Regardless, the flowers are consistently double and tightly petals. Absolutely gorgeous!

The Floret Champagne ranunculus mix was also quite beautiful. As you can see, I ended up with quite the range of color in my flower patch.

Last, but still totally awesome, is the Floret white picotee. I think I’ll just the photo do all the talking about this one! What a wonder spring blooming season!

7 thoughts on “Growing Floret Ranunculus in the Little Cut Flower Garden

  1. I just recently found your blog and have been devouring your posts! I am in Virginia, in zone 6b and am trying my hand at a small cut flower business this year. Your honesty, willingness to try things, and your photos are inspiring. I absolutely love seeing what you are growing. Thanks for all of the information!

  2. I love the ranunculas but have never grown them. I live in northern ohio zone 7 I think.. When do I plant them? What is a good resource?
    Thank you.

  3. I know I’m commenting many many months after your post…but I’m waiting on the arrival of my ranunculus corms, and am soaking up as much information as I can before soaking and pre-sprouting here in zone 6 (southern OH). I’ve watched your YouTube videos as well (which are fantastic!), but what I’m trying to figure out now is when, roughly, ranunculus are done for the season. I know that a lot of it is weather dependent, but as I just have two raised beds that I’m utilizing this year, I’m trying to figure out the best way to rotate my flower “crops”. Any information out there that you know of? Thanks!

    1. My ranunculus are generally finished blooming by the first week of June. Plenty of time to replace the growing bed with a different flower for summer. Hope that helps! 🙂

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