Floret Rose Ranunculus and Belica Double Tulips

Though the tulips and ranunculus have long gone by the time that you’re reading this, I can’t help but enjoy myself as I continue to sift through the photos from this spring. Making fresh-from-the-garden flower arrangements is one of my favorite things to do, so why not take a closer look at yet another one.

These are the Floret Rose ranunculus. When I placed an order back in fall, I knew that I wanted to plant a lot of pink flowers. However, I don’t think I was prepared for how pink they would actually be! These rose ranunculus are some of the brightest pink flowers that I have ever grown. Though there is some variation in color, most of them are very vibrant. The petals and flower forms are also quite stunning.

We’ve grown Belica double tulips before. In fact, I’m almost certain that I already have an entire post that’s dedicated to them. These tulips came in the ‘Marshmallow Collection’ of bulbs that was offered by Dutch Grown last year. With their unique coloration, I recognized them immediately.

I definitely have the habit of loading up my flower vases with as many blooms as possible. This is especially true early in the spring when I feel like I’m at a complete loss for foliage and greenery. This flower arrangement was certainly no exception to this.

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