Peach + Pink Ranunculus and Tulips – Flower Arrangement

The obsession continues! In progressing with my goal to post more frequently on the blog, I’m here to show off even more of some of my favorite flowers. This time, in the form of a flower arrangement filled with pink and peachy tones – my favorite color pallette!

Check out this jar filled with Floret Champagne ranunculus. Technically, I believe they are the La Belle Champagne ranunculus – but I’m not certain. Either way, I have quickly become utterly obsessed with the color of these flowers. While the Floret website featured much more variation in color, mine were all generally the same. Though I know that I should pick them earlier, I so enjoy letting them open up and show their big fluffy blooms.

This arrangement also uses Renown Unique tulips. Though I was initially very excited about growing them, I’m not certain as to whether I would ever grow them again. The color is nice, but for some reason, mine were exceptionally tall. Like, seriously – almost three feet tall. Due to this fact, the flowers were falling all over the pathways and laying all over the ground. The stems were also very weak.

Due to my lack of foliage, I have started using tulip foliage as filler. While the stems are a little bit delicate, they have a fantastic vase life just as long as you don’t damage the leaves as you pick them.

I finished this “vase” with a few of the Amazing Grace tulips. I think that they offer a really nice additional pinkish lavender tone that helped to tie everything together. What do you think?

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