Dreamy Creamy Flower Jar Arrangement – Spring Cut Flower Garden

First of all, I want to give a HUGE ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has been following along here on the blog. While I usually focus mainly on YouTube, it’s nice to take a break and do something different. I really appreciate every single person who visits these posts. Now, onto the arrangement!

The first thing that I wanted to pick for this flower arrangement were some Minnow daffodils. At least, I’ve been told that these are ‘Minnow’. I technically don’t know the name of these, as they came in a huge unlabeled mixed bag from the home improvement store. They’re always the last daffodils to start blooming. Their tiny blooms also make them one of my favorites.

We’ll also be using the ‘Sensual Touch’ tulips. I honestly think that that’s a ridiculous name for a tulip, but oh well. These tulips had actually been stored in my spare fridge for about a month. You can see that the color is a little more subdued because of this. I’m not so sure that I’m a huge fan of double fringed tulips. They’re so big that they can fill a little bit dominating in the flower jars. Maybe it would be different if I would invest in some legitimate flower vases!

As you can see, we’ve combined all of these creamy colors with those beautiful Floret Champagne ranunculus that I mentioned in my last post. The pinkish peach color seems to blend absolutely perfectly with the other various hints of pink in the tulips.

3 thoughts on “Dreamy Creamy Flower Jar Arrangement – Spring Cut Flower Garden

  1. You mean jars aren’t real vases??? Seriously though, I much prefer “found” containers for bouquets. Tin cans, milk bottles, anything — I think they’re much more fun than real vases! Love that you’re posting on your blog. I don’t watch Youtube very often.

  2. I have some of those daffodils I dug out of my grandmother’s garden and always wondered what they are called. Thanks for the information!

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