Small, But Mighty! Pansies in Cut Flower Arrangements

Because the garden is comparatively small, it seems like I always find myself looking for new ways to use various plants. Pansies are certainly no exception to this, as I quite love their cute little blooms. After growing pansies from seed for a few years, I started using the small stems in cut flower arrangements – let’s take a closer look at this one –

To start, I wanted to form a base of Amazing Grace tulips. You’ll remember from last post, these tulips have quickly become one of my favorites. They are a perfect blend of lavender and pink. The tulips in the photo above had been stored in my spare fridge for about a month. I feel like this especially help the lavender tones to become more dominant than in those that were freshly picked.

I selected several purple-blue pansy blooms for this vase. These are from the Victorian Posy mix from Renee’s Garden. That mix, specifically, does not get very tall and is difficult to use. However, I love the variety of blooms in it. They range in color greatly, and most have the tendency to be very ruffled.

Though it is exceptionally simple, I think this one has become one of my favorite arrangements that I have made this season. I just love how the pink/lavender and purple compliment each other. What do you think? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!


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