The Last Tulips of the Season –

I know that I’ve been posting flower arrangements using tulips over the past month, but it appears that we’ve reached the end for the season. In all, I was able to extend my tulip season by almost one full month. Before we know it, it’ll once be time again to plant bulbs. Anyway, let’s take a closer look at this flower vase.

I really like these yellow ranunculus. They came in a cheap package that was labelled “yellow”. I believe that I got it from TulipĀ  World. Despite the fact that it was purchased on sale and at a bargain, the blooms themselves are quite lovely. This pale yellow color is so soft, not to mention that most every flower has been a big fluffy double bloom.

Copper Image tulips will be going into our jar next. The tulips in this photo have been stored in my spare fridge for over a month. They’re definitely showing many signs of having aged. Regardless, the color is peachy and subtle.

To complete the vase, I simply added some ‘Minnow’ daffodils and a little bit of volunteer kale. These ruffled kale leaves stayed nice and hydrated. Best of all, however, they added the much needed touch of green that worked perfectly with these flowers.

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