First Time Success with Foxgloves – Growing Dalmatian Foxgloves

At last, this year marks the first time that I have successfully grown foxgloves – though I do use that term loosely. Before we continue, don’t forget that foxgloves are extremely toxic. Always use caution.
Within the Dalmatian mix foxgloves were many different shades of purple. However, I did get a couple of these white blooms which were absolutely gorgeous. I think that those dark purple spots are so incredibly pretty.
Though these plants bloomed well and looked great, the rain absolutely destroyed them. Over the two week span in which they bloomed, we had roughly 8 inches of rain. It definitely took a toll in the beauty department.
Despite my complaints, I am hopeful to try growing foxglove again. I’ve already missed the planting window this year, but maybe next year we’ll try some of the apricot varieties.


One thought on “First Time Success with Foxgloves – Growing Dalmatian Foxgloves

  1. I think they are so pretty, especially against the fence. Very cottage-garden looking.
    Since we have pets and kids, I probably won’t try to grow them, though.

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