June Cut Flower Update: Slow Progress

They say that all progress is good progress. I’ve been taking that sentiment seriously this year. Check out these scabiosa pincushion flower buds – they should be starting to bloom any time now.
This year, the calendula were very successful. I can only imagine that it had a lot to do with our mild winter. Nevertheless, these Zeolights calendula are quickly becoming one of my favorite garden flowers.
Each year, there are several happy surprised in the garden. This season, we have volunteer canterbury bells!
Though most of my sweet pea seedlings died from mold in the hoop house last year, a few of the plants did make it through to bloom in profusion. Ugh, they’re just so beautiful.
I can’t wait to show you these fourth year asiatic lilies that I propagated by scaling. Five lily bulbs grew into roughly 200 new bulbs. So cool!

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