A Week’s Worth of Cut Flowers

I know that I’ve been posting tons of different cut flower arrangements lately, but I just can’t help it. Let’s take a closer look at some of the cut flower vases that were arranged –

These are the Zeolights calendula that I planted last fall. They don’t have the longest stems. In fact, using them can be a little bit tricky. Even still, they coloring and usefulness in a vase is undeniable.

I combined the zeolights with la belle champagne ranunculus, blue monday salvia, and a little bit of mint. The hardy annual flowers have really burst into life over the last couple weeks.

This vase was a really simple one. I really wanted to play with the idea of a wildflower bouquet. There’s really just three components – agrostemma, cilantro, and a little bit of winter wheat.

This combination of blue and yellow is one of my favorites, as well. These are the Lemon Pastel ranunculus from floret. For this little jam jar posy, I added in some mint, Icelandic poppies and those super cut forget me nots. I’ve really been having a lot of trouble with wilting lately. Perhaps I really will need to start conditioning my flowers.

Last, we have a jar filled with dark and pink ranunculus and annual phlox flowers. Rather dramatic looking, isn’t it?

One thought on “A Week’s Worth of Cut Flowers

  1. I love the shades in the calendula blooms. Mine never germinated, boo hoo. My zinnias are finally blooming, but they are all orange and yellow. So strange — these were leftovers from last year’s seeds, and they were all different colors last year. My husband thinks they were pollinated that way. I didn’t know that could happen!

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