First Time Success with Firmament Forget Me Not Flowers in the Cut Flower Garden

Even though I’ve been growing cut flowers for several years now, I’m constantly able to find new-to-me flowers. These firmament forget me nots, or cynoglossum amabile, were certainly no exception. Admittedly, this wasn’t my first attempt to grow these flowers. It was, however, the first time I was able to grow them and see them bloom.

I planted one package of seed last fall, which amounted to about twenty plants. I sowed them in trays around the end of September her in zone 6. I transplanted them into the unheated hoophouse around mid October. I’m not certain whether or not a hoophouse would be absolutely necessary, but I really wanted to pamper them and make sure that they made it through the winter.

When they first started blooming, the plants were very short. As time passes, the stems get longer and longer. By the middle of May, the stems were good enough to use in cut flower arrangements.

I also really love the color of firmament forget me nots. In fact, I think this is actually one of the only true blue flowers that I grow in my cut flower patch.

I’m still learning more about these gorgeous little blooms. So far, I’ve only used them to create a few bouquets.

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