Planting Dahlias in Mud – I Don’t Recommend It…

If you’ve been following me on any of my various social media this year, you already know that I’ve really doubled-down on dahlias this season. I’ve been saving tubers from various varieties for roughly five years, but usually find that I neglect and forget about them. This year, I really wanted to take my dahlia growing seriously. 

Even though my last frost date is normally at the end of April, we found ourselves with a late freeze around May 14th. Luckily, I hadn’t planted anything outside yet. However, this freeze put everything in the garden way behind schedule. Soon, I found that I had no other choice than to begin planting the dahlias into muddy soil.

Planting in mud is never a good idea, especially when it comes to a delicate plant like dahlias. Hopefully, these large plants will fair well and only suffer minimally as things eventually dry out here.

Though most of the dahlias are finally in the ground, I’m still waiting for the rain to stop long enough to plant out the trays of zinnias, celosia, and sunflowers. Here’s hoping that sunny days will return soon!

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