What’s Next? In Bloom Right Now –

As the garden continues to change, I quickly wanted to update everyone regarding which blooms we’ll begin to see more of next. As most of you know, my growing space is extremely small. This means that many of the hardy annual flowers have already been removed in order to make room for summer blooming flowers. Let’s take a closer look at what plants have started blooming now – 

My first ever nicotiana flowering tobacco flowers have opened. Though I still have many, many plants stuck in a seed starting tray, the seeds that I direct sowed in containers are actually starting to bloom. It has been so interesting seeing them in each phase of growth. I’m excited to pick these for use in cut flower arrangements.

Our Floret pastel shades statice flowers have also started to bloom. You’ll remember that these were sown using the winter sowing method in the unheated low tunnel. Then, they were transplanted out as soon as the soil could be worked in the spring.

Annual scabiosa flowers have also started to show themselves. Most of the QIS mix packet that I planted has shown to be white, but hopefully a few more colorful blooms will continue to open. These flowers were also planted last fall and overwintered in the hoophouse.

I’m cautiously optimistic, but it looks as if we may been successful with godetia clarkia for the first time this year. Check out that beautiful shade of peach!

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