Cut Flower Seedling Update Before Transplanting into the Garden

So, I’m still really behind. In fact, I’m over a month late in planting the summer tender annual flowers into the garden. Even though I started the trays in a timely fashion, my schedule just hasn’t worked out so that I’m able to transplant things into the garden as anticipated. As a result of this, many of my plants have started blooming in their trays. Who knows how everything will turn out, but I wanted to go ahead and show everyone what the seedlings look like.

I’m hoping that the moonflower vines will grow up the side of the fence. In the past, they’ve gotten very tall. Also in this tray is the Salmon Gleam nasturtium that I bought from Floret.

Though I did plant a lot of garden favorites this year, I also wanted to grow some of my own personal favorites. For example, these moonflowers and nasturtium are quickly getting way too big for their containers. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find space on a trellis somewhere.

Whoa, look at that sea of Benary’s Giant zinnia seedlings. Also, there’s a lot of Maple trees growing, too. I always put my plant trays under the shade tree and seeds always drop into the trays. Lol!

To say that I planted a lot of zinnias this year would be a massive understatement. One of my main goals for the season was to grow every single color of the Benary’s Giant zinnia series. Most of the trays are doing well, but two of them are really struggling. I let them get way too dry a few days in a row while I was work. The heat this year has also been really brutal – not a good combination.

We have tons of celosia seedlings this year. The varieties include Pampas Plume celosia, Kurume celosia, Floret Texas Summer celosia, and Floret Coral Reef celosia.

I have five full seed trays of various assorted celosia. In the past, I have direct sowed them. For whatever reason, they never seem to do well from a direct sowing. They always get lost in the weeds and creeping charlie vines. I figured that transplanting might be the best option. Only time will tell.

This year, I’m planting Kiiro cosmos. They’re supposed to be a really pretty blend of yellow and peach/purple. I’ve heard they resemble apricot lemonade, as well.

Our cosmos seedlings are also ready to go into the ground. This is another transplant that I’m sure I could have direct sowed. Since I’m planting a new variety this year, I wanted to make sure that they had the best chance possible to grow well.

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