Feeling Blue? Canterbury Bells Flower Arrangement

One of my favorite aspects of having my own cut flower garden is arranging a vase on a bad day. I mean, let’s face it – we all have them. As it would turn out, going into the garden and picking this pretty (though moody looking) arrangement, was exactly what I needed.

For volunteer plants, I’m so pleased with the canterbury bells this season.

To begin this arrangement, I pick tons and tons of Canterbury bells. The actual flowers themselves are a little past prime and look rough. To be fair, I didn’t even plant these last season. They’re volunteers from last season, which would explain why they were a little bit on the shorter side. I’ve been somewhat successful in growing Canterbury bells in the past, but it’s still a skill that I’m hoping to master with more experience.

These winter elegance sweet peas are such a pretty, soft lavender color.

I also picked the majority of the sweet peas. You’ll recall that we had terrible luck with mold in the hoop house last season. This entire arrangement was very much made completely of flowers which didn’t necessarily thrive, yet survived.

On really hot days, my mint foliage wilts after picking. It usually rehydrates within a day or so. It seems that younger mint does better than older mint, also.

No arrangement would be complete without a little bit of filler and foliage. This oat grass was another happy accident. It grew from the straw bale that I used for mulch last season. I guess it was a little seedier than I had expected. To finish it off, I added just a little bit of mint.

The purple tones are so full. I really love the oat grass, too.

That’s it. I think this one turned out to be really beautiful. The shades of blue compliment each other so well. The only thing left to do was to strip the rest of the leaves and fill the vase with clean water.

One thought on “Feeling Blue? Canterbury Bells Flower Arrangement

  1. I’m sorry you had a bad day. I hope things get better.

    Making a cut flower bouquet gives me such joy. I just finished cutting some petunias and verbena from my hanging pots and put a jar of the blooms in my bathroom. Such a fun way to perk up a space!

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