Sweet Peas and Sweet Fillers – A Cut Flower Arrangement from the Garden

Sometimes, the colors of the season just naturally work well with each other. Even though summer is most commonly associated with “hot” colors, the cool shades of purple and blue are currently blooming in profusion. Let’s take a quick look at today’s cut flower arrangement.

Like so many others, this arrangement starts with these very cut sweet peas. You’ll notice that the flowers of this type are much, much smaller than the others that I grow in the garden. Though tiny, their fragrance is quite mighty. In fact, I think this may be one of the most highly scented sweet peas that I have ever grown. Unfortunately, the seed came from a mixed assortment seed packet.

As always, we needed to grab a focal flower and some foliage. Since I have so many canterbury bells, they were the only logical choice. Just like last time, we also took some mint and some super pretty bupleurum.

Even though we used almost the exact same flower arrangement “ingredients” we did in the last post, the overall look is completely different. I think that the dark colored sweet peas really make this one look beautiful and dynamic. What do you think?

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