The Last of the Garden Blues: A Flower Arrangement

As the blooming hardy annual flowers finally begin to draw to a close, so too do the shades of true blue in the garden. This arrangement features some of my favorite flowers – including bells of Ireland. Let’s take a closer look –

Here’s a quick look at the different flower types that we’ll be using today. You can see, I’ve collected the very last of the canterbury bells and some of the volunteer larkspur that came back this season. I always love when plants grow themselves.

This is Blue Monday salvia. After searching around the internet, I’ve noticed that it has tons of common names that can make things really confusing.

Though we were able to plant a lot of bells of Ireland last fall, a tree fell on them halfway through the winter. This meant that we only had a few harvestable flowers for using in arrangements. Total bummer!

I absolutely loved this flower arrangement. Even though the larkspur were a little past their prime, I really liked how they looked with the light green shade of the bells of Ireland. This is definitely a color combination that I want to use more in the future. What do you think?

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