The Last Pansies and Sweet Peas – Cut Flower Garden Arrangement

In continuing our theme of closing out the hardy annual season, we are now faced with the last of the pansies and sweet peas. In making an arrangement, I can’t help but feel that this combination turned out so well.

These adorable, ruffled pansies are from the Victorian Posy pansy mix from Renee’s Garden. Even though there’s a huge range of color in the mix, this cute purple ones were among the last to bloom at the beginner of summer. The stems were also nice, long, and usable in a jam jar.

The end of spring also marked the arrival of bright pink sweet peas. Though only about five vines survived, they were absolutely covered in bright blooms that fit perfectly into my little jar.

Last, but certainly not least, I needed some nice fresh greenery. This came by using mint and several mulberry branches. I love the bright green accents that these add.

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