Red Madame Butterfly Snapdragon Flower Arrangements

Snapdragons are hands down one of my favorite early season flowers. The colors, the shape – everything about them seems so perfect to me. Over the next few weeks, I’m hoping that we’ll be able to take a closer look at some of the snaps that are blooming in the garden, as well as the flower arrangements that I’ve been able to make with them.

The first colors of snapdragons to bloom this year is this beautiful dark red color. Though I purchased a mix of seeds, there’s no doubt that this color was the most abundant. These red Madame Butterfly snapdragons are such an appealing shade of burgundy.

As it would turn out, this color also played so nicely with so many different flowers in the garden. From the bright blue forget me nots to the pink sweet peas, making an arrangement with these beautiful flowers was so incredibly easy. What do you think?

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