Madame Butterfly Bronze Snapdragon and Madame Butterfly Pink Snapdragons

As I continue to gush over the beauty of the garden snapdragons, I couldn’t ignore another combination of very prominent colors within the Madame Butterfly snapdragon mix that we’re growing this year. Though these snapdragons are nothing new, they’re new to me. I’m so happy to take a closer look at the Madame Butterfly Bronze snapdragons and the Madame Butterfly Pink snapdragons.

This cute little jam jar was created with the pink and bronze snaps, in addition to some bells of Ireland and some very small orange pansies. Overall, I think the green helps to lighten the arrangement and make it feel more spring-like. I also really like how the orange pansies help to tie everything together with the bronze Madame Butterfly blooms.

This arrangement really features the bronze Madame Butterfly snapdragons. The subtle color really goes nicely with the darker, rusty tones of the calendula flowers. As always, I’ve added just a bit of mint for my foliage and a few of the last sweet pea blooms.

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