Yellow Madame Butterfly and White Madame Butterfly Snapdragons in Flower Arrangements

In beginning to wrap up the posts involving our Madame Butterfly snapdragons, we’ll take a look at two last colors – yellow and white. While there were a few yellow Madame Butterfly snapdragons, the white Madame Butterfly snapdragons in the mix were very sparse. Nonetheless, these two colors worked beautifully together.

I was absolutely head over heels into the soft pale yellow color of these snapdragons. The color is so subtle that it almost takes on a green tint – depending upon which flowers you add with it, of course.

This huge harvest of volunteer bupleurum was the perfect foliage to go into this arrangement. It provided a really airy look that the arrangement really needed. What do you think?


An awesome one-woman flower farm, cultivated by the love of all things pretty.

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