Rose Madame Butterfly Snapdragons: Cut Flower Arrangement

There are several pros and cons to growing seeds from a mix packet. By doing so, I can quickly find my favorite flowers, even when I’m growing in a small space. It’s also really friendly for my garden budget. However, it’s always a bummer when I don’t have ENOUGH of a certain color flower that I turn out to really love – this was the case with rose Madame Butterfly snapdragons. I just love this pink color!

At first, I wasn’t sure if I actually liked the double form growth habit of these flowers. As time progressed and I started using them in flower arrangements, I quickly realized how useful they actually are. I think they’ll definitely have a place in my garden next year.

I added Pink Sunday salvia to this arrangement, but I think the actual tone of said pink might be somewhat “off” compared to the rose madame butterfly snapdragons. Either way, I feel like this arrangement turned out beautifully. Though we’re still unable to donate any flowers from the garden, I gave this jar to my mom who enjoyed it immensely.

One thought on “Rose Madame Butterfly Snapdragons: Cut Flower Arrangement

  1. Those are beautiful! I’ve never grown snapdragons. I’ve tried to grow them from seed, but could never get them going. Will you save the seeds from the pink ones so you can grow these next year?
    And, why can’t you donate the flowers? Just curious.

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