Last Seedling Update Before Transplant

As you know, I’m way behind in planting this year. By the time this post is live, everything will have already been transplanted into the garden. However, I did want to show these plant trays which we started using the winter sowing method. They’re extremely eager to grow. As you can see, the petunias are already blooming in their trays!

In the photo above, you can see that the zinnias are what I consider to be the perfect transplant size. They’re not so big that they’ll be stunted, but still, they’re big enough to handle easily. These zinnia seedlings are all from the Benary’s Giant series.

The first batch of sunflower seedlings are also big enough for transplant. Ideally, I would have liked to get these into the ground sooner. But, I’m sure they’ll be fine. These are Double Delight sunflowers that are dwarf.

The Hawaii  Gold marigold seedlings are looking great. This variety was ordered from Baker Creek, and is supposed to grow to at least four feet in height.

The nicotiana seedlings are desperate to be planted into the ground. Much like the petunias, they have already started to flower whilst still in the seed tray. I sowed the seeds very closely, so I can only imagine that transplanting these will be very difficult.

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