Cut Flower Garden Bloom Update

Even though my posts here on the blog are few weeks begin, I can’t help but want to share everything that’s blooming. Things are so especially colorful right now. Above, you’ll see some really beautiful larkspur that are blooming. These larkspur were all volunteers from the very large planting that I made last year. I just love the diverse range of colors, and so do the bees!

The light apricot chantilly snapdragons have also started blooming. And let me say, they are absolutely incredible! The past few years, it’s been so difficult to find the seed for this variety. Now that I’ve grown them, I can definitely understand why. Don’t worry, more blog posts which feature these are definitely on the way.

Our annual scabiosa flowers have also started to bloom. You’ll remember that I planted a QIS mixed seed packet last fall. So far, 90% of the mix has been white flowers. This is the first peak that there are additional colors growing in the garden. Hoepfully, we’ll get more diversity as the season progresses.

Last, I quickly wanted to include the Lady of Shallot roses. These David Austin roses were planted about four years ago. It wasn’t until this season that they’ve really started to flourish. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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