Light Apricot Chantilly Snapdragons and Feverfew: The Perfect Match

I’ve been playing with arranging these gorgeous light apricot chantilly snapdragons all this week. The bright, peachy stems are so lovely alone – but work exceptionally well with nearly every other flower that I’m able to combine them with in a vase. However, one of my absolute favorite combinations involves the single feverfew. Let’s take a closer look at today’s arrangement.

For this one, we’ll start off with yet another picking of chantilly snapdragons. I can’t wait until I’m able to experiment more with succession planting in the future. It would be so awesome if I were able to have access to snapdragons throughout the growing season.

I’m also going to pick a lovely bunch of feverfew. Even though these are only a few plant stems, you can see that the sprays of the actual flowers are quite big and make an impressive statement. So cute!

As always, the only foliage that I could find was a little bit of mint and some bupleurum. After taking the photo above, I just knew that this was going to look really lovely.

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