Dreamy David Austin Roses: A Flower Arrangement

This year has been a really great season for roses here in my garden. Even though they were a little bit late to arrive, they’ve been blooming like crazy. Most of this, I can attribute to the weather, but I did seem to do a very good job of pruning this year.

I have such a love/hate relationship with roses. I think they’re beautiful, but really dislike the thorns. If I were to ever grow roses on a large scale, I just know I would have to hire someone to prune them or I think I could literally drive myself to insanity. I’m getting off topic. These Lady of Shallot roses from David Austin don’t really do that well as a cut flower. This is especially true when I cut them very late, such as that which you see in the photo above. Since this arrangement was just more, I didn’t mind too much.

This flower vase also features a handful of bronze chantilly snapdragons. These came from a mixed pack of chantilly that I had planted last fall. You can see that the colors are very similar to the light apricot, but subtly darker.

To bring this jar together, I simply added some bupleurum and mulberry branches. Now that the weather is considerably warmer, it’s unlikely that I’ll use any mulberry greenery the rest of the season. It just wilts too much once the weather gets hot.

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