Soft Pink Roses and the First Stocks from the Garden: A Flower Arrangement

Since I know that I’ve been totally obsessed with the chantilly snapdragons the past few weeks, I thought that it would be a nice change of pace to look at a flower arrangement that is a little bit different. While compiling all of the vase “ingredients” for this one, I couldn’t help but imagine how soft and feminine the finished product could possibly look.

First, I wanted to make use of these annual scabiosa flowers. These hardy annuals were grown in the hoophouse, and have the biggest fluffiest white flowers! I know that I was complaining before about the lack of variety in the mix pack that I planted, but these are pretty darn cute.

These apricot scented stock flowers are the result of my latest attempt to grow stock. These were planted in spring and were less than desirable. It seems that no matter when or how I plant these flowers, they never do well. Does anyone have any tips for growing these, I would really appreciate it.

Despite being planted in the absolute worst location in the entire garden, the Queen of Sweden roses from David Austin have started to bloom. I always love these roses because of their soft and inviting pink color. They also have a really nice fragrance that has an ever-so-slight spice to it.

To finish the jar, I added just a little bit of mint and some wheat. If I’m being honest, this definitely was not what I had envisioned. There’s no doubt that it needed more in terms of foliage plants. Maybe next year I”ll be able to better plan.

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