Last Chantilly Snapdragon Arrangements of the Season

They say that all good things must end – I suppose that this is also true with our light apricot chantilly snapdragons. Before removing the plants to make room for new annual flowers, I was able to make one last harvest of cut flowers to give away in vases and to enjoy arranging myself. 

Having these blooms in the garden has easily been one of my favorite things this season. With things the way they are now, I find myself really focusing on the simple things – like pretty flowers. It may seem like a silly distraction to a lot of people, but gardening has really helped me to keep my sanity this year.

As you can see, I’ve simply combined everything – the scabiosa, stock, mint, and snapdragons.

In the version above, I decided to add the last two Icelandic poppy blooms of the season. Below, I changed up the same arrangement with just a few additions.

The addition of allium and shasta daisy gave this flower jar a whole new look. To me, the daisies give it a very pretty “just picked” look that I really dig.

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