“Kitchen Sink” Flower Arrangements from the Cutting Garden

With such a small backyard, it isn’t exactly a secret that I sometimes have trouble finding blooms which “go together”. In most cases, this usually results in my taking everything which is currently in bloom and adding them to a vase. Today’s arrangements are a perfect example of this. Let’s take a closer look at the flowers I included, shall we?

In this vase, I started with a base of Light Apricot Chantilly snapdragons. As I’ve mentioned before, the snapdragons were removed to make room for other flowers, so these blooms were the very last ones in the garden. I also thought that the pink tones of the snapdragons would play really well with the Salmon Grace godetia. The combination of the two was very vibrant.

To finish this arrangement, I added just a little bit of mint and the shasta daisies. I’ve really enjoyed using the daisies in bouquets, as i definitely think they add a nice informal touch.

Another variation of the same cut flower vase, this arrangement added some QIS Pincushion flowers, as well as some yarrow and nicotiana. Which flower vase did you like best?

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