Pastel Shades Statice: Cut Flower Harvest

While I love traditional garden flowers, I constantly find myself looking to add something unique – enter statice. Though I’ve grown statice before, I once again found myself ordering a pack last spring. These Pastel Shades Statice from Floret were especially enticing, as they boasted a more soft color palette. Let’s take a closer look at the blooms.

Like always, I started these seeds using the winter sowing method. I then transplanted them into the garden as soon as the soil could be worked – about the first week of April in my Zone 6b Kentucky. The plants grew without issue and produced profusion of soft colors.

Statice flowers are unique, as they actually feel quite papery. This lends to cut flower arranging, as well as drying. Maybe dried flower arrangements can be something that I can try in the future.

Most of the colors within this mix were in the light purple to lavender range with a few flowers that were drastically darker purple. A very, very limited amount of plants produced flowers which were pale pink – of course, those were my favorites.

Here’s that dark purple that I was talking about – still very pretty.

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