Staking / Trellising Dahlias Using a Weave

As I’m writing this, it is still HOT – like, “ain’t no way I’m going to out to weed” hot. Fortunately, I did force myself to go out and trellis the dahlias. Trellising and staking plants in my yard is always a major issue. Since my space is very limited, it always gets really hard to move around. This year, I’m attempting to use a weave between posts.

To trellis my dahlia plants, I simply used hot pink mason’s twine to essential “sandwich” the plants between two tight lines. This way, I can still shimmy up and down the rows to pick flowers and take photos.

Ideally, I should have started this process while the plants were still young. But hey, it’s 2020 – nothing has really gone according to plan, has it?

Here’s a better “above” view of what’s actually going on with the twine and the dahlia plants.

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