Ageratum + Lavatera Cut Flower Arrangement from the Garden

With the summer garden in full swing, I continue to find myself overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. Specifically, this posts shows the wide assortment of blooms which appear as summer comes into full swing. 

To start this arrangement, I started with a bucket of ‘Timeless Mix’ ageratum flowers. I’ve grown several different varieties of ageratum in the past, but I definitely think that this one is one of my favorites. Rather than the standard blue or red, the mix also contains white and very pale pink blooms.

Next, we have a flower that is a little more unique to my garden. I’ve grown lavatera flowers before, but only had marginal success with them. Since I usually start them in early spring, I always have trouble competing against the weeds. This time around, I did a much better job of helping them grow. I was rewarded with these beautiful blooms.

To finish this cute little jam jar posy, I simply added some mint. As you can see, the mint has started to go to seed, but is just as reliable as ever when used as a filler. Overall, I think that this one turned out really great!

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