Floret’s Unicorn Mix Zinnias – They’re Gorgeous!

This was the first season that I’d ever been able to afford making an order from Floret. The listings are so gorgeous, but a little on the pricey side. Naturally, I was grown to many of the different zinnia varieties. I wasn’t particularly “in love” with the Unicorn Mix zinnia, but I was really drawn to the fun name. 

Ugh! Look at that fly that sneaked his way into my photo! That’s so annoying. Anyway, you can see that the Unicorn Mix zinnias really do come in a wide variety of gorgeous colors – from really light pale pink to shades of green and orange. I’ve yet to encounter this mix anywhere else, so I definitely appreciate how unique it is.

Most of the flowers in this mix have this really cool lavender colored center – even the shades of green. Green flowers are notorious for having dirty looking white centers.

I think that the lighter shades are definitely my favorite. I find it especially odd that my blooms look absolutely nothing like the photos on the website. For once, I’m not even mad about that. I’m pleasantly surprised.

I haven’t been able to find whether or not these seeds are open-pollinated of hybrids. Either way, I would love to increase the numbers of them here in my yard. Have you grown this variety before? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Floret’s Unicorn Mix Zinnias – They’re Gorgeous!

  1. Nice that you had luck! Mine haven’t done very well. Most of my seeds from Floret haven’t done well, which I’ve heard from other farmers too. I’m sticking with Johnny’s from here on out.

  2. Those look nothing like the picture on the website. Yours are stunning! I’d buy the seeds from you!

  3. I loved this mix for 2021, was bummed that Floret didn’t have it available for 2022. Outstanding germination rate, hardiness, & production. I carefully saved seeds and will be so curious to see how they turn out.

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