Floret ‘Golden Hour’ Zinnia is a Beauty!

This year, I went absolutely bonkers planting zinnias. I bought so many different varieties of these easy to grow flowers that my friends and family were a little worried that I may need to join some kind of support group. My order on the floret website was no exception to my zinnia madness. In fact, I was so happy to have grabbed a pack of these hard-to-get ‘Golden Hour’ zinnias. 

I do quite a bit of searching around when I’m shopping for flower seeds online. Floret is the only website that I’ve seen these seeds offered. I’ve looked over several catalogs to see if, per chance, they went by a different name – but no luck. I was so eager to get these seeds into the ground this past spring.

As you can see, the ‘Golden Hour’ zinnias have a very unique color. Not quite yellow, not quite peach – it’s actually very difficult to describe. I often find myself comparing the soft tones to zinnias like ‘Isabellina’, with very obvious tints of orange. However, I try to describe it; I can’t help but feel that these blooms are definite keepers for the cut flower garden.

I was very surprised to see that many of the flowers had a distinctive purple/pink tone to the petals. This was something I hadn’t noticed in the photos on the website. Under low light in the evenings, this purple edging seems to make the flowers almost glow. Who knows? Perhaps this helped to attribute to the plant’s namesake.

After considerable “picking”, I’ve noticed that the purplish tone seems to be more prominent when the weather is warm. Cooler temperatures seem to yield more even colors. It will be interesting to keep taking note of this as the growing season progresses.

I can’t help but feel very pleased by having these beauties in my garden. I’m looking forward to growing these again. Have you ever grown the Floret Golden Hour zinnias before? I’d love to hear all about it in the comment below. Thank you so much for stopping by!


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