Benary’s Giant Scarlet Zinnias in the Cut Flower Garden

In continuing to update the blog with photos of the multitudes of zinnias that I’m growing this year – we come to the Benary’s Giant Scarlet zinnias! I’ll be the first to admit that red flowers aren’t really my favorite. They can be really harsh looking in cut flower arrangements, and not many people seem to gravitate towards the bright red bouquets. However, the same cannot be said for the hummingbirds!

The Benary’s Giant Scarlet zinnias were hands down the most prolific zinnias of the summer. I planted one pack of 100 seeds, and was continuously rewarded with HUGE blooms. Ironically, I had intentionally placed these plants in a location which I thought would perform poorly. I was definitely wrong.

Unlike other shades of red zinnias, which I’ll post about later, these were very vibrant and clear. In fact, I think these flowers are one of the few “true red” blooms that grow in my garden. 

Even through the hottest parts of summer, these zinnias consistently produced large fully double flower heads.

One of the few problems that I did have was related to birds. For whatever reason, the goldfinches absolutely adored these flowers. Frequently, I’d go outside to find the birds sitting on the stems and plucking out the flower petals one by one.

Have you ever grown Benary’s Giant Scarlet zinnia before? I’d love to hear all about your experience in the comments below! Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you’re having a great day!

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