More Dahlia Blooms from the Cut Flower Garden

This year is my first true dahlia growing experience. While I’ve grown a couple different varieties in the past, this season was really the first time that I’ve really invested in them. Even though it’s still hot here in the garden, there are still plenty of flowers beginning to bloom. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in the garden. 

Check out the color on this David Howard dahlia (above). I was expecting the color to be a bright orange. It was such a pleasant surprised to see that mine have these very warm coral tones.

Another long time favorite is the Neon Splendor dahlia. This variety is one of the very first ones that I ever grew – nearly 6 years ago now. Each year, this variety produces a profusion of these bright blooms. They practically look as if they are glowing in the garden when the sun shines on them.

Here are a few more flowers that I deadheaded. The yellow one with the bits of purple are the ‘Irish Pinwheel’ dahlia. So far, they look nothing like I had expected. Still, the flowers are very interesting.

I have no idea what variety this is. It came in a package that was labeled ‘Mango Madness’ dahlia. However, it looks absolutely nothing like Mango Madness! Don’t you hate when the suppliers just don’t even care?

This ‘Klondyke’ dahlia was given to me as a free bonus tuber in one of my orders. I generally don’t like white flowers, but this one is nice and fluffy. I could see its potential for use in flower arrangements.

The ‘Wyn’s King Salmon’ dahlia is another new addition to the garden. I normally avoid these cactus or semi-cactus types out of personal preference. However, I was really drawn to the color of this one. I’ve been so pleased with its production. Very pretty!

This ‘BJ’s Senior Ball’ dahlia was another surprise. The photo on the website made it look very pink. As you can see, the lavender shading on this one is absolutely stunning – not to mention the perfect flower shade. I’m not sure why everyone isn’t growing this one – it’s gorgeous.

Here’s one last look at David Howard dahlia. A strong storm destroyed my dahlias, so please excuse my messy netting. I just love the look of that dark foliage. I think this variety is a true beauty.

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