Benary’s Giant Salmon Zinnias: Garden Favorites!

Zinnias were among the first flowers that I ever grew, or had even seen growing in a garden. Having grown up in the middle of the city, I wasn’t familiar with the concept that people had “gardens”. It is for this reason that I’m so fond of Benary’s Giant Salmon zinnias. They were the very first flowers that I had ever planted in my own little cut flower garden. They’re still one of my absolute favorites.

Though Benary’s Giant Salmon zinnias are usually much less “double” than many of the other zinnias, I can’t help but feel that they make up for it with color. Just look at that range!

The color seems to vary depending upon how long the flowers have been in bloom. New blooms are much darker, while older flowers seem to become faded in the sun. I love how this can create this really pretty ombre effect in the garden.

Have you ever grown Benary’s Giant Salmon zinnia before? If so, I’d love to hear all about it in the comment below! Thank you so much for reading!

6 thoughts on “Benary’s Giant Salmon Zinnias: Garden Favorites!

  1. I love zinnias in general, but I’ve never grown the Benary’s Salmon Rose. Because of your videos, it’s already on my list to grow next year. It’s so gorgeous!

      1. I love your blog. You make very good pictures with good colors.

        Benary Salmon and Benary Salmon Rose are two different kinds?
        Is this the Benary Salmon or Salmon Rose?
        Thank you.

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