‘Double Delight’ Sunflowers in the Cut Flower Garden

If I’m being honest, it was extremely difficult to find the motivation to write this post. After posting its companion video, there were several comments that simply “got to me”. I am forever appreciative of the comments and interaction on my content, but some of the more negative ones can feel so discouraging and even hostile. How could anyone possible have such strong opinions of something like sunflowers? Oh well, one must persist. 

The feature of today’s post is the ‘Double Delight’ sunflower. I originally found this packet of seeds offered at GeoSeed. At the time, I didn’t bother to read the description. I knew that any hybrid double should be just what I wanted. As the plants grew, I was very pleased to see them get taller and taller.

As with any double sunflower, the amount of flowers which actually have all those big fluffy petals will vary. While some of them will look big and full, others will be “regular” blooms. 

These huge blooms are my absolute favorite. Unlike many of the hybrids that I grow, this sunflower is not day neutral – that means that I had to wait patiently while growing them until the time was just right.

Much to my own surprise, they also grew exceptionally well in pots. It was only a matter of time, however, before the height of the plants tipped the pots over during a strong thunderstorm.

Overall, I was very pleased with my growing experience. Depending upon the performance of other double cultivars in this year’s garden, I would definitely consider growing this one again in my cut flower patch.

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